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Oh, The Joy Of Living With Kids

Cuteness overload!
Children are cute little bundles of joy, but they can also be a handful sometimes. We’ll let these photos do the talking…
Image © AnneClaudeB  
Just in case you get your twins mixed up, a trip to the barber will solve the problem.

Image © omnipotencja  
5 minutes is all they need to give your home a makeover.

Image © novostislyxi  
The little rascals recharging for Round 2.

Image © chucks-fun  
“Quick! Dad is not looking. Let’s go!”

Image © metro  
Good luck trying to travel with this customised passport.

Image © lj3  
“But you told me to play outside!”
 Image © funfive  
Giving the room a much needed touch-up.
Image © theycallmemummy  
“If I stay really still, nobody will see me.”
 Image © sippingsweettea  
“That’s enough of mischief for now; I’m off on a holiday!”
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