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Adele Gets Bitten By Mosquitos At Brisbane Concert and her Reaction is Priceless

She's hilariously cute!


Breaking news: Adele does NOT like bugs! 

She's got a powerful voice and multiple Grammys to her name... but when it comes to little blood sucking insects, Adele openly admits she'll lose her cool!


The singer-songwriter was performing at a concert in Brisbane, Australia, last weekend, when she stopped and totally freaked out at a mosquito she saw on her arm. 

"Ah get the bug off me!" 


"I don't like bugs and it was sucking my blood - it was sucking my blood!" she shouted amidst laughter. 


She adorably used the excuse of not being Australian to justify her dislike of the little insects...

Riiiight Adele 😉


Check out the full vid:


Article source: YouTube / AOL

Cover Image via Paul Kane / Getty Images


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