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BBC Dad On His Now Famous Family

It was a comedy of errors

By now you must have seen the video of the century!

Robert Kelly, an American associate professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, was speaking with the BBC via Skype about the impeachment of president Park Guen-hye when his daughter Marion danced into his office. 

The famous family have finally answered all those burning questions that you most probably had while watching the video.

The family even went back on BBC a few days ago for a second interview

In regards to some people who stated online that he "shoved" his daughter his reply was "I was not shoving Marion out of the way. I was trying to slide her behind my chair where there are children's toys and books, in hopes she would play with them for a few moments until the interview ended."

So that is that. There was no shoving involved.


Article Source via BBC & NewYork Times



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