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Innovative Malaysian Man Modified His Motorcycle So That He Can Ride Through Flood Waters

A video of him and his sister riding through flood waters has gone viral.

Travelling has been a big problem ever since the flood started in Terengganu. Flood waters are at least 1.5m-high on the roads, so people can't travel using their cars and motorcycles. 


So when a footage of a man and his sister riding their motorcycle through the flood waters surfaced on social media, people went wild and started sharing it. Everyone was wondering the same thing: how did this motorcycle travel through deep flood waters without breaking down?





Mohd Faizul Lokman, the motorcycle driver and a part-time mechanic, modified his motorcycle by moving the carburettor and fuel tank up to the bike's basket and handle bars. This prevents flood water from entering both parts, ensuring that the engine works as per normal. 


Faizul's creativity has also captured the attention of the Higher Education Minister, who said that his idea could be developed further for commercial use. 


We're really impressed by Faizul's innovativeness as well! 



Cover image from Shaharun Bin Baharuddin

*Article source: The Star Online


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